This network has an open peering policy. Peering may be established with AS206016 over either a common IXP, or a tunneled connection (GRE, SIT, WireGuard, maybe sth else)

To peer with AS206016, you must have:

If you meet the above criteria and would like to become a network peer, please respect the following rules:

If this all sounds good, send an email to message in Telegram/Discord and I'll get back to you shortly.

Network information:

ASN AS206016
Policy Open
PeeringDB Click


BGP Communities:

Info Communities

Prefix Type Community
Originated by 206016 206016:100:206016
Learned from upstream 206016:101:<asn>
Learned from routeserver 206016:102:<asn>
Learned from peer 206016:103:<asn>
Learned from downstream 206016:104:<asn>

Action Communities

Action Community
Don't announce to anyone 206016:0:9009
Don't announce to upstreams 206016:0:999
Don't announce to AS 206016:999:<asn>